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our technology

inJoy Golf is powered by Trackman, the gold standard launch monitor technology.


improve faster with trackman technology

TrackMan 4 gives you all the data you need, is incredibly intuitive and seriously performance-enhancing. You won’t just improve. You’ll improve faster than you thought possible.

Optically enhanced radar tracking

TrackMan 4’s Optically Enhanced Radar Tracking (OERT) gives jaw-dropping precision indoors. The unit measures club, launch and ball-flight data from a database of over 1 billion shots to render the ball flight with the same accuracy as outdoor. That’s next level.

Impact location

Trackman 4 captures every little detail with astounding precision without markers. Add another 30 data points, including full ball flight tracking, and you have the complete picture to analyze and understand your swing.

Target practice range

Practice any shot you want –from short game to long drives – over and over again. The beautiful range environment is designed to offer you an endless variety of shot situations where you can select any distance, any flag, and place the ball exactly where you want.

Trackman combine

The TrackMan Combine is a standardized test that enables you to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your golf game. Over 10,000 combines have been taken by golfers from around the globe. From the world’s top ranked players to amateur golfers with a handicap over 20.

shot optimizer

With the Optimizer, you can see the true potential of any given shot, and which parameters you may need to work on.

simulator golf

Play iconic courses, join a league, or just have fun with games!

Golf fitness

Expert level services to upgrade your fitness and your game.


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