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meet our instructor!

meet our instructor

Dr. sharon barley, LPGA

USGTF Certified Golf Teaching Professional,
Member, World Golf Teachers Alliance
Certified International Golf Psychology Association, 
U.S. Kids Golf Instructor


InJoy Golf welcomes Golf Teaching Professional, Dr. Sharon Barley. In addition to being an accomplished, mid-atlantic region golf instructor, she’s been a minister with a Doctorate in Ministry in Theology and the Arts. She currently teaches out of the Manor Golf Course in Reading, Pennsylvania, and is a National Golf Instructor for Setup 4 Impact™ Golf Schools. She is also a U.S. Kids Golf certified instructor and did training with The First Tee in Augusta, Georgia. Her experience in the ministry and high-level sport competitions allows her insight into the golfer’s mind that is unique to the golf teaching profession. Sharon is available for lessons Mondays and Tuesdays and by appointment as well.
Building Swing Consistency with Dr. Sharon Barley, LPGA 
5 Lessons: $449 evenings (Day times 10% off)
Are you struggling to find your consistent impact zone?
Do you slice or hook the ball frequently? Do you think you
should be getting more distance than you are currently?
In these 5 lessons I will work with you on building a consistent
swing for perfect impact. We will assess your equipment and ensure that you are producing the best ball flight possible or 
look at other equipment options based on your trackman data. Dr. Barley will work with you to find and dial in a swing that is comfortable and repeatable and gets the results you want!
Jan. 9 – Feb. 13: Beginner Lesson Package – 
6 Total Lessons: Individual $499; Groups of 4 $299 each
with Dr. Sharon Barley, LPGA

New to the game?! This program is for you!

Lessons designed to help you build a great golf swing, learning the fundamentals of golf, skills in putting, chipping and pitching, long irons and the driver. You will learn on-course management in your last lesson and have a chance to prove your new found skills! Starts January

Couples/Partners Day or Night Out with Golf Lessons

Couples Special

Book 2 – 4 Lessons together! The lessons will be tailored to each of your needs. $199 for 2 Lessons; $369 for 4 lessons.

simulator golf

Play iconic courses, join a league, or just have fun with games!

Golf fitness

Expert level services to upgrade your fitness and your game.

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