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If your looking for more ways to have fun than playing indoor rounds, Trackman also has games that are fun and interactive for the more casual golfer, juniors, or simply for a change of pace!


A target practice point scoring game that you might have seen before at those fancy big city drving ranges (say top golf without saying top golf)  Play on real golf holes, an urban or western scene, or even dodge dinosaurs!

Grip it and Rip It

Set the scene for a long drive contest and see who can hit the farthest bombs!

Capture the Flag

Fire away on a range with various targets. Closest to the hole of each “captures” that flag. You can even steal a flag by hitting it closer!  Play as many rounds as you’d like and see who wins.

Closest to the Pin

Dial up any par 3 in the whole course library and see who can hit it close!