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expert level fitness with Andrew Lally

Dr. Andrew Lally PT, DPT, COMT, TPI has spent the last 7+ years working in the Lancaster community as a Physical Therapist.  That skill set, blended with certification from the Titleist Performance Institute, allows inJoy golf to offer expert level fitness evaluation, planning, and programming services.

With our available Trackman technology, you will objectively see the gains in your golf game, not to mention the overall health benefits.  Your body is the one piece of equipment you will use for your entire golfing career, lets upgrade yours.

TPI screening

A TPI screen is starting point of a serious golfers fitness journey.  The screen measures the key physical characteristics required in the golf swing.  If you know your strengths and maximize them, know your weaknesses and have a plan to address them, you will be amazed at how much more you will get out of the time spent on your golf fitness

TPI Screen and Golf Fitness Handicap: $225

• 1 hour Assessment including full TPI screen and additional baseline power testing
• Fitness Handicap
• Detailed discussion of results
• Initial 4 week strengthening plan based on your results
•Ability to communicate and collaborate with any swing coach

injoy golf strength and conditioning

Your body is the most important piece of equipment on the golf course, and the only one you cannot replace. Lets upgrade!

How to start

Golf Fitness evaluation with Dr. Andrew Lally, Physical Therapist and Titleist Performance Institute certified Golf fitness and medical professional. A fitting for your body! Dr. Lally has helped players of all ages and skill sets improve their golf fitness to play better, longer, and without pain and soreness. ANYBODY of ANY AGE can build more strength and athleticism.

Initial package: $225
-TPI Screen and expanded evaluation with Dr. Lally
– Golf Fitness Handicap and written report on key findings
-Individualized exercise prescription to improve strength and mobility
-Baseline Driver swing speed testing on Trackman for in person screens

Where do you go from there?

Your evaluation will identify your physical strengths and weaknesses and you can take that info and develop your own plan to address these in the gym independently OR additional options for ongoing coaching and oversight
from Dr. Lally are available including in person strength coaching at inJoy Golf, and virtual coaching via the inJoy Golf Fitness App.

In Person strength coaching

1 time per week: $200 per month
2 times per week: $350 per month
3 times per week: $475 per month
Single Check in workout or reassessment session: $100

**Clients training 1-2 times in person will also be supplied with a program via the
inJoy Golf App to be performed when not working out at inJoy Golf**

Virtual strength coaching

inJoy Golf 12 week offseason program: $30/month
Independent program delivered via the inJoy Golf Fitness App, and followed on your own at home or in the gym you’re already a member at. Addresses key areas of strength and mobility that will benefit any golfer.

Virtual Coaching: $50/month
Personalized program developed following a TPI screen and evaluation by Dr. Lally ($225). Screens can be completed in person or virtually via video call, and subsequent program will be delivered via the inJoy Golf Fitness app. Includes video tutorials and 1-2 time per week check ins for accountability and program adjustments/progressions.


Participation in this program WILL lead to:

-Hitting Bombs
-Increased distance through the bag
-Improved consistency
-Playing/Practicing without pain or soreness
-Improved General Health

group fitness

Group exercise brings a level of comradely and accountability, to the gym. Whether you are part of a high school or college team, or just a group of friends/playing partners. Group classes can be designed to fit your needs and enhance your golf fitness.

simulator golf

Play iconic courses, join a league, or just have fun with games!

our technology

inJoy Golf is powered by Trackman, the gold standard launch monitor technology.


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