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Play the iconic courses

We have Valderrama. Muirfield Village. PGA National. We’ve even got St Andrews, the spiritual home of golf. All of them are rendered to the most extraordinary quality down to the finest detail. It’s an amazing library. Which one will you play?

courses in the library

tour venues

new courses on avg. every month

rent hourly

No matter how many players are in your group, the price stays the same. 18 holes will take roughly 1 hour per player, probably quicker with low handicap players!

Starting December 1st:

Mon -Thurs
Open – Close: $45/hour

Fri – Sun
Open – Close $50/hour

Have a group larger than a foursome?  Reach out to discuss group and private party rentals.


Sign up for our 12 week winter league. Every week we play a different course from the Trackman Library. PGA Tour, major championship, and Ryder Cup venues weekly, with some other gems mixed in along the way!
Have a large group and want to create your own closed league? No problem, reach out for details.


If your looking for more ways to have fun than playing indoor rounds, Trackman also has games that are fun and interactive for the more casual golfer, juniors, or simply for a change of pace!


A target practice point scoring game that you might have seen before at those fancy big city drving ranges (say top golf without saying top golf)  Play on real golf holes, an urban or western scene, or even dodge dinosaurs!

capture the flag

Fire away on a range with various targets. Closest to the hole of each “captures” that flag. You can even steal a flag by hitting it closer!  Play as many rounds as you’d like and see who wins.

Grip it and Rip It

Set the scene for a long drive contest and see who can hit the farthest bombs!

Closest to the Pin

Dial up any par 3 in the whole course library and see who can hit it close!


Want to improve your game with Trackman data, and a more personal touch? Book a lesson with one of our two certified instructors and watch scores drop. Also, ask about packages to combine fitness and instruction for a full team approach to take your game to the next level. 

Trackman App

Download the free Trackman App, and have comprehensive access to all data registered when practicing or playing with Trackman.  Receive detailed data reports from practice sessions, track all of your simulator round history, and keep your indoor golf handicap! 

Golf fitness

Expert level services to upgrade your fitness and your game.

our technology

inJoy Golf is powered by Trackman, the gold standard launch monitor technology.


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